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Are you living your life to its fullest potential? Is there more you could be, do, or have in midlife and beyond? Are you ready to get your groove back? http://ow.ly/zw9Cg


Science is perhaps beginning to recognize what we in Africa have long known—we need each other. We are deeply connected to one another whether we recognize it or not. We call it “Ubuntu,” which is the understanding that we are who we are through one another. Desmond Tutu http://ow.ly/wxI5u

Something hearty to talk about around the Thanksgiving table. HeartMath Institute shares research on benefits of gratitude. http://ow.ly/qTdRZ

All we have in the here and now is our love for each other, our willingness to forgive one another, and our willingness to come to each other’s rescue. Edgar Kahn.

I would add love and forgive for ourselves, too. What are three things that make your spirit dance? Put those at the top of your list today.

“Here is the question: Are you willing to be completely at peace with how things are right now in your life? Are you willing for just one moment to let go of all your dissatisfaction, of all your suffering about how things are? Are you willing to let go of all the worry and tension in your body and simply breathe? . . . . I’m not asking if you know how do this. I’m asking if you would be willing to do this if you knew how?”~Oriah Mountain Dreamer from THE DANCE. http://ow.ly/i/3yXEq My friend Sage Lewis beathing and smiling with the horses.

Starting Brene Brown’s wholehearted living course with friend Peg. Love the creative part. Good to be a student now & then. #OLCBreneCourse.

Who would like to join Lynn in taking this fun, interactive 6-week eCourse from Brene Brown and Oprah on Wholehearted Living? I’d love some people to play with! http://ow.ly/pUqNg

Teachers make a difference. Kids care. Watch this. You’ll be inspired. http://ow.ly/pEhAs d

Some couldn’t open the link I posted from NPR on the prevalence of medical mistakes. My daughter’s life was altered by one. This research is worth looking at. http://ow.ly/pC4Zz

My daughter Shannon’s life was altered by a medical mistake. This NPR article has new findings on the the high number. Please have a look.